Saturday, August 27, 2011

Flash so Far

I am only about 100 pages into Showcase Presents: The Flash and I am enjoying it. Now maybe it’s just the collection that I have or maybe it’s the time period in which Flash was written (1950’s) but it seems to have much less over arching plot. The only story line that overlaps at all issue to issue is that he is dating Iris.
Iris as a character I honestly don’t really like. She is written as a very subservient women which given the time period is great but she needs a bit of an update. Even Superman which came out in 1939 had Lois Lane who was in her own right a bad ass. The only similarity with the girls is that they both work for newspapers; Lois is a writer whereas Iris is a photographer. Lois can also fight her own battles due to her being raised by General Blah Blah. Iris can’t fight her own battles which is why the Flash keeps on saving her.
The writing compared to Ms. Marvel (the only other comic that I have read a lot) is a lot different. Ms. Marvel a child would be able to comprehend, but the reader can tell that it isn’t aimed towards children. On the other hand Flash is defiantly aimed and written for children.
The clearest sign of this is with the foot notes. A friend of mine described it as a science lesson. Which it is, honestly I’m learning all about physics and scince facts. I was always a more arty kid so these facts are new to me. Think Bill Nye The Science Guy facts mixed with the ridiculousness of Ms. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus.

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