Saturday, August 27, 2011

Flash so Far

I am only about 100 pages into Showcase Presents: The Flash and I am enjoying it. Now maybe it’s just the collection that I have or maybe it’s the time period in which Flash was written (1950’s) but it seems to have much less over arching plot. The only story line that overlaps at all issue to issue is that he is dating Iris.
Iris as a character I honestly don’t really like. She is written as a very subservient women which given the time period is great but she needs a bit of an update. Even Superman which came out in 1939 had Lois Lane who was in her own right a bad ass. The only similarity with the girls is that they both work for newspapers; Lois is a writer whereas Iris is a photographer. Lois can also fight her own battles due to her being raised by General Blah Blah. Iris can’t fight her own battles which is why the Flash keeps on saving her.
The writing compared to Ms. Marvel (the only other comic that I have read a lot) is a lot different. Ms. Marvel a child would be able to comprehend, but the reader can tell that it isn’t aimed towards children. On the other hand Flash is defiantly aimed and written for children.
The clearest sign of this is with the foot notes. A friend of mine described it as a science lesson. Which it is, honestly I’m learning all about physics and scince facts. I was always a more arty kid so these facts are new to me. Think Bill Nye The Science Guy facts mixed with the ridiculousness of Ms. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus.


As I finished Ms. Marvel I realized that after that all the comics in my possession have been read. My comic book collection consists of Ms. Marvel, so not too many. ; ) So I what a nerd would do naturally in that position and went to my local comic book store. There they have a wonderful collection of the Marvel Essentials and DC Showcase Presents. These are large volumes that DC and Marvel put out that give you the issues that are the need to know about that hero or group of heroes. For me these are perfect because I am just getting into the world of comics. What I also like about these books is that they are big enough to last me a while. This is good when you have a job like mine and are able to get through a volume within about 3 days.
So I’m looking through their collection and per usual there is no Aquaman. I guess this makes sense due to the fact that most people’s favorite super hero isn’t Aquaman, the majority of the time it’s Batman or Superman (even spell check recognizes their names, it doesn’t recognize Aquaman). So I asked them to order it for me.
My love affair with Aquaman started at an early age and to tell you the truth I have no idea why. I have literary been laughed at by comic book nerds for my obsession. Aquaman I can say is the only super hero who I have a fan girl crush on. Again I have no idea why.
I was super excited when I started watching Young Justice. Aqualad is the boost that Aquaman needs in this world. I almost feel as if the writers were feeling the same way I was about Aquaman street-cred. I mean Auqaman has power of over 75% of the earth. And he can speak to and command all of the creatures that live there. No other superhero has that much power.
I’m not all caught up yet, but after tonight I should be, I’m having a mini-marathon. I really hope they keep Aqualad as the leader of Young Justice and I can’t wait to see what other adventures and people these new characters will meet.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ms. Marvel

I just finished the Marvel Essentials "Ms. Marvel" and my take on it I loved it. For me growing up I never really read many comic books. I read a few Archie Comics with a little Sabrina and Josie throw in but never the traditional comic book. So for me this is a whole new world, and I'm loving it.
So anyway, back on to Ms. Marvel...For me she was the perfect pick for me to dive into the comic book world. I really identified with the character because she just wanted to be treated like everybody else. I feel how she feels when I am in Nerdom, I am underestimated and not always treated the same ways as "the guys" are. When the reality is I have been playing table top role playing games for a while. And sometimes its hard for me to even find a game to play in because I am a girl and I'm pinned as the girlfriend.
Okay sorry again about the rant. I liked the collection that was put together. The only issues I would have liked to seen was the ones where Ms. Marvel and Marcus had a relationship. Honestly it came out of left field when in the last issue of the collection, "The Avengers 10(1981)" Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel talks about what is essential her rape then pregnancy. Kinda some important information that was left out.
As a whole I think Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel is a very dynamic character that is all about girl power. At every point this incredibly strong women,(physically and metaphorically) is constantly being put down by the men surrounding her. She has her father, J. Jonah Jameson, and Dr. Michael Barnett.
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The other problem I have with Michael Barnett is he doesn't really do his job as a therapist. Maybe instead of trying to find a wife in his patients he might be able to help them through her problems, mainly her schizophrenia. The other heroes that I have seen seem to come to terms with their super powers. Whereas Carol does the human thing and creates a defense mechanism in her head and rationalizes her powers with Ms. Marvel and Carol acting as two different people that just share the same body. Hecate is a better therapist than Micheal, shes the one who in issue 13 helps Carol realize that she is Ms. Marvel.
I really enjoyed reading Ms. Marvel and I think she was the perfect heroine for me to get my feet wet. For my next read I'm going to DC and got to Showcase Presents: The Flash.

P.S. This is the last time I will put in a spoiler, you have had over 30 years to read this comic. Unless the spoiler is less than 10 years old I will not put it in.