Monday, October 3, 2011

The New 52

I've started reading DC's revamp of the "new 52" and have started this week with Batgirl, Batman and Robin, and Brids of Prey. Keeping it in Gotham.
So Batgirl is probably one of my favorite super heroines. Part of that appeal is that she is actually written by a women, Gail Simone. The basic concept is that Batgirl, Barbra Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon moves into a new apartment. Her roommate who's name hasn't been mentioned is an anarchist, and a hugger. I feel like this particular series is going to be all about Barbra getting over her PTSD after being shot by the joker. My prediction on the roommate is that she is going to be bad news, but we'll wait and see.
This take on Batman and Robin is particularly interesting because Robin is actually Damian, Bruce Wayne's son. For those of you who don't know who Bruce Wayne is...shame on you. One of my favorite lines was when Bruce turned to his son and said," You're sounding more and more like a cold-hearted 10-year-old boy that only cares about himself." Which to me if you are bringing your 10-year-old in brutal crime fights what do you expect. He is going to turn cold-hearted just to deal with his harsh reality. Honestly Bruce, you should be glad he's not a serial killer. And that's my parenting advice to Bruce Wayne.
Ok finally, Birds of Prey, my take: freaking epic. It starts with journalist Charlie Kun trying to spy on the Birds of Prey. This gets him into a little bit of trouble and the girls swoop in to save his life. My favorite character so far has to be Starling, don't know if she has any super powers yet, unless bad-ass is a super power.
I'm super-pumped for next month's editions of these guys and will keep you updated with all their high-jinxes and my take on them.

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